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About Project


I Teach You, You Teach Me: Share Wisdom And Life.

The overall objective of the project is to encourage and teach students how to work collaboratively with students from other countries in an informal learning environment, and bring together with older people to develop an understanding of old age as a stage of life.




September 2014 - June 2015

  • 10/2014. SWEDEN. Planning for the second year of the project.
  • 10/2014. Seniors visit school where traditional cuisine speak to our students.
  • 10/2014. Our students begin the classes to teach seniors about using mobile phones and the Internet.
  • 11/2014. Publication of Power point "my grandmother's recipes" made by our students, with the lessons learned from the visits of the elderly. Students and seniors will experimenting in the kitchen together.
  • 12/2014. Publishing a calendar with pictures about volunteering and ICT.
  • 12/2014. ITALY. Meeting to monitoring, evaluating and planning the project.
  • 01/2015. Older people visit the school and they will talk about popular sayings, explaining its meaning.
  • 01/2015. Continuation of the classes that our students give seniors about using mobile phones and the Internet.
  • 02/2015. TURKEY. Meeting to monitoring, evaluating and planning the project.
  • 03/2015. Publication of a leaflet on proverbs and popular phrases and their meanings.
  • 05/2015. POLAND. Meeting to monitoring, evaluating and planning the project.
  • 05/2015. Publication of a photo album on ICT course and another photo album on volunteering.
  • 05/2015. Exhibition: "The corner of the grandfather" of ethnographic show us utensils used by our grandparents, photos, etc. There will be a video that will be posted on the project website.
  • 06/2015. Final project exhibition at a local venue which exhibited all products made and the latest exhibition at the school to outside the school environment has the dissemination of work done by our students in this project.

September 2013 - June 2014

  • 10-2013 Comenius corner in each educative center.
  • 12-2013 Winning drawings in the contest "Draw your grandparents".
  • 12-2013 An International calendar with the best drawings of each country.
  • 01-2014 The project logo and the logos submitted by each country on the website.
  • 02-2014 A volunteer blog, where our students will rise photos and share their experiences with the eldery.
  • 03-2014 A compilation of the great stories of the contest "I lived it".
  • 05-2014 A photo album with the experiences of crafts and dances and traditional games.